Shingle Roofing

In Virginia, shingles are the most common form of roofing. They offer great quality combined with some of the most affordable pricing. Don't let the price fool you though because GAF certified shingle's can't be beat! We are a state licensed contractor that offer the excellent GAF Systems Plus Warranty. The GAF warranty extends to new homeowners as well so if you're planning on selling your house it's a great value added on your house.

Not only are we a state licensed contractor we are a GAF certified contractor as well! Being a GAF certified contractor means we only use top quality shingles. We use GAF high def timberline and GAF designer shingles which are made to simulate different roofing styles.

Shingles are a great alternative to metal or specialty roofs.

Choose Your Shingle Style

Choose your shingle style with this easy guide through the GAF website:
GAF Roofing Wizard