Holloway Roofing offers you the best in commercial roofing options. Roofing is an often overlooked part of a business, but to keep your business safe from storms it's important to have a high quality roof installed.

It's also important to have a place of business that looks nice and a roof is an often overlooked part of the facade of a warehouse or office building.  Let us provide you with a free estimate on a new commercial roof or repair work for your commercial operation.

We use only the highest quality products available in our industry. These are the most "tried and true" as well as the most innovative available today. Our crews are technically trained for each system we install to ensure quality and adherence to manufacturer standards.

Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Problems

  1. Age

Over time, even the sturdiest materials will still need servicing in order for moisture and water not to permeate your roof and cause further damage. Leaks can be very expensive fixes.

  1. Debris

Debris accumulates on your roof and in your gutters; over time they can cause substantial damage.

  1. Missing Shingles

Do not underestimate the power of your shingles. A missing shingle can make your roof structurally problematic and it is best to have this rectified at the soonest possible time.

  1. Ridge Gap

Ridge gaps can cause potentially bigger problems that one can expect. They can let in water that can cause damage to your furniture, and they can even let in other unnecessary negative externalities.

It’s best to have all these problems fixed immediately at their onset to prevent the further loss of resources.

Here are some of the GAF Commercial roofing products we use: