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A quality roof is one of the most important investments for a house and there's more to a roof than just the's an integrated system.  Ensure your home is fully protected and enjoy peace of mind for years to come with the fully integrated GAF Lifetime Roofing System installed by Holloway Roofing of Virginia.  We are expert installers of all types of residential roofing.  Not only are we state licensed roofers, we are GAF Master Elite Contractors. All of our newly installed roofs have the GAF Systems Plus Warranty which is a no-brainer for the customer.  It is a 50-year registered warranty through GAF.  It covers material defects and much more.

What we install

Shingles: Best value roof.  Great quality and great price.
Metal: Timeless value with ageless quality.
Cedar Shakes: Increases the value of your home.Sets your house apart with unique curb appeal.
Copper: Copper is one of the best roofing systems you can buy.  It's unique, attractive and practical.

Only the best materials

Holloway Roofing does not cut corners when it comes to ensuring that our clients only get the sturdiest and the highest standards of material quality. Whether it is the quality of the shingles that we use or the glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) for your flat roofing, we ensure that you only get quality control approved and world-class materials for all your roofing applications.

We also make sure that all our clients are afforded the availability of the newest advancements in roofing materials to ensure that our expert craftsmanship is only paired with the best.

only the latest technology

If there are any new innovations in the roofing industry you will surely find them in our business, we only bring the latest technology to all of your projects. In this regard, you can be assured that you get the best services for your budget.

There are always new advancements in construction technology, and roofing tech is no exception. From safer and more efficient installation guidelines to the newest tools of the trade, our roofing professionals make sure that they always stay ahead.

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We aim to provide high quality roofs with great warranties at affordable prices. The customer's dreams are our top priority!