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Professional asbestos Removal for your home or business - 'Alliance Environmental'

Although asbestos-cement roofing and siding (asbestos shingles) are considered nonfriable, they must not be disturbed or removed unless they are in poor condition and present a hazard. If you're considering removing or replacing an asphalt or cement roof or siding that may contain asbestos, first talk to us.

Be that as it may, heat, water, enduring or maturing can debilitate "nonfriable" siding and material to where they are considered friable. Additionally, the siding and material can be made friable when it's being taken out. Friable materials can deliver asbestos filaments into the air. Abstain from breaking, sanding, cutting, penetrating and sawing the materials. These kinds of exercises can deliver asbestos filaments into the air. Once airborne, asbestos filaments can be breathed in into the lungs, where they can possibly cause serious lung sicknesses, like mesothelioma and cellular breakdown in the lungs.

Because of the seriousness of asbestos, Alliance Environmental (sister company to Holloway Roofing) has specialized equipment like the Equipter & Catch-All system to fully protect your home and surrounding areas.

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